Things that suck

One six year old with a stomach bug. Luckily by the time a picked him up from school, he’d gotten most of it out, and only threw up mucus in the van. Also not pleasant, but at least I don’t have to scrape any chunks out of the back seat. Yuk. And to be honest, I’m actually glad to have an actual reason to take a sick day.

I started the socks – about a trillion times – but I think I finally got the hang of it and have a cuff. It took me about hour to get the yarn all untangled last night, because even though it’s supposed to pull smoothly out of the center of the skein – not so much. And after repeated attempts by the needles to gouge out my eyes, I managed to tame them. I’m not going to turn my back on them, though, just in case…

Things that don’t suck: the men of Supernatural.  I would not throw them out of bed for eating crackers, if you know what I mean.  Besides the eye candy, the show is well written, with lots of brotherly angst, and some demon butt-kicking along the way.  But even after 4 seasons, this is the best part.

Love it!  If you want to see more, it’s on the CW tonight at 9/8 central. 

Now, what shall I do with the rest of my day??


2 thoughts on “Things that suck

  1. Hey Gwendy, those pullout skeins that you mentioned can be the BIGGEST buzz-kill! Back in the ’60s I ended this frustration by taking each skein and rolling it into a ball the moment it came home from the store. The cats were very appreciative, and it made life easier.

    Bonnie turned me onto your blog, and I laughed out loud! I’ve seen your genius with ribbon and glue, but thru your blog you’ve shown a real talent at writing.

    Another word on the knitting theme….you can knit a great sweater in gig time by using bigger needles. Ya, ya, I know, you have to change your gauge and cast on fewer stitches, but it goes so much faster. My favorite sweater was made on huge needles and using a good wool worsted yarn combined with a very fluffy mohair. Using two strands at the same time took only a couple of rows to become quite comfortable with the arrangement.

    • Thanks for the note! I think I’m going to leave sweaters for when I’m feeling really brave, not to mention I’d have to take out a loan to afford the good yarn. I really love the rhythm of knitting, though. It’s very satisfying.

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