Socks and Snow

Every morning, without fail, I have to yell, cajole, coerce and force my kids to get their shoes and socks on – not necessarily in that order.   My 6YO is a little easier since he is perfectly happy to wear the same socks for days.   I try not to be too picky about this, because at least he has them on.  My 3YO, however, hates socks.  He has been known to wear rubber rain boots without socks, which just seems really uncomfortable and sweaty, but he does not care one little bit.  So when I finally get him ready to get out the door in the mornings, it is a small victory.  Which leads me to – knitting socks.  Maybe if I knit socks for them, they will be so excited to wear them, they will never take them off.   Yeah, I’m not holding my breath.  But I did get double pointed needles, and some yarn that swears it will make one sock per skein (seriously?  they can’t just make it twice as big?  who wears one sock?).  And, because the thought of making heels is almost as scary as using four needles at a time, that cool BH&G book has a pattern for tube socks.  Tube socks!  I’m telling you, the people who put that book together are geniuses!!  So, that’s my next project.  Only because it’s new, and how cool would it be to wear socks I made myself? 

Yesterday I bought a calendar (okay, four) because it was on sale, and because I have a thing with calendars.  I can’t explain it.  I must have several, even if I never use them.  Anyway, the one that I picked up on a whim (the other three were planned), is called “Enchanted Little Moments” and the art is by Becky Kelly.  Even though the pictures are wee little, they are simply gorgeous!  And when I went to her website, I found that she also has fabric!  I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.  I took home all of the days that were already past, and made a Valentine’s card for my sister.Happy Valentine's Day!

Too bad you can see the big fingerprint that I managed to schmear right in the middle of it.  

In other slightly more exciting news – it snowed here on MLK Day.  Even though we’re in North Alabama, and it’s considerably colder than where we moved from (San Antonio, AKA the Fifth Circle of Hell), the kids were so excited that it snowed.  We bundled right up and went out to play.  Even the dogs!  Although, I think they were less excited than the kids….


I’m hard pressed to decide who is the cutest…..  Today it was balmy and 60, but with the ice storm beating the crap out of Oklahoma and the rest of the country, tomorrow promises to be cold and wet.   I’d be perfectly happy to spend the day on the couch drinking hot tea and knitting socks.  Unfortunately, that isn’t what pays the bills (although I wish it did).  So instead I’ll be trying to get socks on my kids.


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