Perls before puppies

I watched the “how to purl” video about three time before I tried it on my own – which naturally resulted in me having to tear out several rows, put them back on the needle, the wrong way.  Which of course meant that I had to put them on the other needle the right way.  And I dropped a few, or maybe more than a few.  But after awhile I felt reasonably confident that I could actually purl, so I did.  And I found that there is a reason that purling every row doesn’t seem to have a name of its own – it isn’t very pretty.  So I cast off (another thing I learned – yea!) and started a whole new project in stockinette – knit one row, purl one row, again and again until you’re tired.  Which comes out looking kinda groovy, except when you forget, like I did, whether it’s time to knit or purl.  But that’s okay.  At least I moved on to a different color of yarn…..

As for the puppies part…  we got a puppy yesterday!  The boys love her, and so far we haven’t had any major messes, or tooth marks, but it’s been less than 24 hours.  I’m sure it won’t be long before we have more messes than we can shake a stick at.


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