Knit one, purl who?

Last summer when a local Jo Ann store was going out of business (boo hoo!) I bought a “how to knit” book and some knitting needles.  Since the book was written for kids, I thought, surely I can teach myself from this!  Right.  That was several month, three frustrating attempts, and two sets of needles ago.  Finally, I thought, this is ridiculous.  I am a reasonably talented crafter.  I can figure this out from a book.  Not so much.  Argh!!!  Sigh.  About this time my husband decided that he was going to learn how to smoke a pork butt, and watched several YouTube videos on that subject.  Who knew?  But that stuck in my head, and I ended up searching YouTube for a “how to knit” video, and have been happliy knitting ever since!  Well, okay, for the last week, I have been casting on, knitting, ripping out, casting on, knitting, yelling at the kids for ripping everything out when I was in the bathroom, casting on, knitting….  you get the picture.  I am now the proud owner of an eight inch soon-to-be scarf.  Now I have to go search YouTube for “how to purl…..”


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